Congress 2020 – First Day

Covid-19 in solid organ transplant patients
Jay Fishman (Boston, USA)

Use of solid organs and cells from HIV-infected donors
Dorry Segev (Baltimora, USA)

Use of solid organs and cells from HBV-infected donors
Elisabetta Loggi (Fermo)

Use of solid organs and cells from HCV-infected donors
Silvia Martini (Turin)

Immunoglobulins for prophylaxis and treatment of viral infections
Emanuele Cozzi (Padua)

Off-the-Shelf Virus-Specifi c T Cells to Treat Viral Infections
Ann Leen (Houston, USA)

Adoptive immunotherapy in viral infections prevention and treatment
Patrizia Comoli (Pavia)

Therapeutic strategies for HBV and HDV infections
Pietro Lampertico (Milan)

Therapeutic strategies for HCV infection
Xavier Forns (Barcelona, Spain)

Prophylaxis and therapy of invasive fungal infections
Shahid Husain (Toronto)

Immunosoppression management in solid organ transplant recipients with Covid-19
Umberto Maggiore (Parma)

mTOR inhibitors and viral infections
Franco Citterio (Rome)

Tailored immunosuppressive therapy
Paolo De Simone (Pisa)

Advances in immunosuppression
Josep Grinyo (Barcelona, Spain)

Infectious risk and safety of targeted and biological therapies
José Maria Aguado (Madrid, Spain)

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in Italy
Letizia Lombardini (Rome)

Donation and solid organ transplantation activity in Italy
Massimo Cardillo (Rome)