Congress 2020 – Second Day

Diagnosis and monitoring of HCV and HBV infections
Carlo Federico Perno (Milan)

Diagnosis and monitoring of HHV-8 infection
Maria Capobianchi (Rome)

Diagnosis and monitoring of CMV and EBV infections
Fausto Baldanti (Pavia)

Emerging viral infections in immunocompromised patients
Giuseppe Ippolito (Rome)

HHV-8 infection in immunocompromised patients
Paolo Antonio Grossi (Varese)

Polyomavirus infections in immunocompromised patients
Hans Hirsch (Basel, Switzerland)

Respiratory viruses infections in immunocompromised patients
Mike Ison (Chicago, USA)

HEV infection in immunocompromised patients
Sebastien Lhomme (Toulouse, France)

Solid organ transplantation in HIV-infected patients
John Fung (Chicago, USA)

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in HIV infected patients
Giuseppe Rossi (Brescia)

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in HBV and HCV infected patients
Francesco Paolo Russo (Padova)

Solid organ transplantation in HBV-infected patients
Renato Romagnoli (Turin)

Solid organ transplantation in HCV-infected patients
Patrizia Burra (Padua)

Communication of risk to transplant recipients
Alessandra A. Grossi (Varese)

Covid-19 in hematologic patients
Francesco Passamonti (Varese)